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[RU] Морские Легенды: HMAS Diamantina

HMAS Diamantina, фрегат типа River, в новом выпуске «Морских легенд». Узнай, как корабли этого типа вели борьбу с немецкими подводными лодками!

[EN] Naval Legends: HMAS Diamantina

HMAS Diamantina is a River-class frigate that served the Royal Australian Navy. Constructed in the mid-1940s, Diamantina was active from 1945 until 1946, was placed in reserve, then was recommissioned as a survey ship from 1959 until 1980.

[EN] Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod

Today, she’s permanently berthed in Cleveland, Ohio, where she serves as a museum ship. She belongs to the Gato class—one of the most famous U.S. submarine classes of World War II, comprising 77 ships. As the story is a long and interesting one, we’ve divided this episode into two parts. The first is dedicated to the development history of the United States’ submarine fleet.

[RU] Морские Легенды: U.S.S. Cod

Сегодня U.S.S. Cod находится на вечной стоянке в качестве музейного корабля в Кливленде, штат Огайо. Это одна из 77 построенных подводных лодок типа «Га́то», одних из самых знаменитых американских субмарин Второй мировой.

[EN] Naval Legends: Submarine B-413

The Project 641 submarines became a symbol of the Cold War, just like the American U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, or Soviet missiles on Cuba. Thanks to engineering solutions that were modern for their time and the materials used, these submarines could endure more, had a greater operational range, and were capable of diving deeper than the subs that preceded them. They also carried more deadly armament and the crew enjoyed much better living conditions than submarines had provided with in the past. These ships were created to conduct strategic missions, such as disrupting oceanic communications from any potential adversaries, which is why the submarines of this class were built in large quantities. The project turned out to be highly effective, and sailors greatly appreciated it from the very start.

[RU] Морские Легенды: подводная лодка Б-413

Подлодки проекта 641 стали таким же символом холодной войны, как, например, американский самолёт-разведчик U-2 или советские ракеты на Кубе. Подводные лодки этого проекта были необходимы для военно-морского флота для выхода в океан, чтобы осуществлять противостояние нашим, как теперь говорят, партнёрам, тогда — вероятному противнику. И в общем-то, с этой задачей лодки справились.

[EN] Naval Legends: USS Massachusetts

USS Massachusetts, known as "Big Mamie" to her crewmembers during World War II, was a battleship of the second South Dakota class. She was the seventh ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the sixth state, and one of two ships of her class to be donated for use as a museum ship. Get the story on this brawling battlewagon!

[RU] Морские Легенды: USS Massachusetts

Линкор USS Massachusetts, корабль типа South Dakota. Операция «Факел» и сражение в заливе Лейте — малая часть боевого пути корабля. Узнайте полную историю «Большой Мейми»!

[RU] Морские Легенды: USS Midway

Авианосец USS Midway стал венцом инженерной мысли своего времени — его пришлось выделять в новый класс «линейных авианосцев».

[EN] Naval Legends: USS Midway

The idea to build a marvel like that was suggested by the US Navy’s Bureau of Ships as far back as in 1940. For American admirals, this was a dream: a carrier that would be robust as a battleship and have at least 120 aircraft on board. As a result, Midway was so much better than all other US Navy attack carriers, that it was distinguished as a new type — battlecarriers. Midway turned out to be a truly unsinkable ship.

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