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[RU] Морские Легенды: USS The Sullivans

Боевой путь американского эсминца USS The Sullivans в новом выпуске передачи «Морские легенды». Какой трагической истории эсминец обязан своим именем и чем он отличился в ходе рейдов к Формозе и Рюкю? Давайте выясним!

[EN] Naval Legends: USS The Sullivans

Destroyers were the most widely used ships in the Pacific theater during World War II. For the first time in the history of the US Navy, a ship was named after several people — the five Sullivan brothers. She inherited not only the name but also the “We Stick Together” motto. Saving people became an integral part of almost all the her missions. Join us as we take a look at the Fletcher-class Destroyer, the USS The Sullivans.

[RU] Морские Легенды: Ямато. Самый большой линкор в истории.

Линкор Yamato — вершина развития класса линейных кораблей и самый известный корабль японского флота. Узнайте историю легендарного корабля в новом выпуске «Морских легенд»!

[EN] Naval Legends: Yamato. The largest battleship ever built

The Yamato battleship is the pinnacle of the battleship type. The biggest battleship in the world, and the best known Japanese Navy ship. Sadly remembered for her defeat in her last battle against 227 American aircraft, which became a demonstrative execution and ended with the giant being defeated and the hopes of the Japanese command crashed.

Built in secret, and at great expense, she emerged as the largest battleship in history.

Born to terrify her enemies, she'd cost eight billion USD to build in today's dollars. She represents the pinnacle of battleship building, but launched at a key turning point in naval warfare history. The rise of aircraft-based naval combat left her immensely powerful, but ill-equipped to fight sustained air attacks. Still, nothing captures the imagination of naval aficionados quite like Yamato.

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